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By November 17, 2014fun

Famous Voice Actor | Don LaFontaine

Donald Leroy “Don” LaFontaine, who passed away in 2008, was an American Voice Actor famous for his bass heavy voiced that became synonymous with movie trailers.

Arguably one of the most famous voice over artist to have ever lived, LaFontaine’s voice was responsible for more than five thousand film trailers and even more TV ads, radio spots and video games.

Definitely an inspiration to every voice actor out there!

Vox Arabia | Voice Actors

Vox Arabia is an initiative from BKP Media Group, the largest music and audio post production company in the Middle East. BKP Media Group and Vox Arabia together are now providing state of the art recording studios in Dubai. The focus is initially on Arabic voice overs however eventually, Vox Arabia will offer talent from other relevant language groups.

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Voice Over Studio | Vox Arabia