Arabic Voice Over Spotlight | WiSh | Vox Arabia

By January 7, 2015information
Arabic Voice Over Spotlight | WiSh | Vox Arabia

Arabic Voice Over Spotlight | WiSh

WiSh is a Lebanese Arabic Voice Over artist and is featured in our spotlight for this week’s segment.

He is a very friendly person with a voice that is best characterised as warm and mellow with a polished touch.


He can deliver his vocal styles in Classical Arabic, Levant Arabic and English


His work includes voice overs for Mazda, HSBC, Bossini, Nokia, Subway, Ferrari World, Peugeot, Ford Explorer, Jaguar, Samsung Galaxy, Chevrolet Camaro, Sensodyne, Panadol, Vodafone, Lurpak, Emirates, Fairmont Hotels & Resort, Lifebouy, Paradontax


Click here to listen to a sample of his voice acting work.