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Voice Over Tips

Vox Arabia has put together a few tips that we feel could help new voice over artists thinking of breaking into the voice over industry or even assist in brushing up the seasoned veteran’s skill set.

1. Vocal Exercises – Practice simple voice exercises to enhance pronunciation and enunciation. Tongue twisters are the best for this

2. Standing Rather than Sitting – Sitting down while recording a voice over can pinch your airway and can severely affect your sound

3. Distance from the Microphone – The ideal distance to be from the microphone should be approximately 6 inches in order to help deliver a clear voice over

4. Drink A Lot of Water – Drinking a lot of water can help keep your mouth moist and avoid dryness while recording. Also it would be helpful to ensure that your sinuses are clear.

5. Relax – Be yourself, relax and translate the emotion required from the script into your recording.

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Strategically located in Dubai Media City, VOX Arabia is yet another high profile initiative of the largest audio production & post production company in the Middle East, BKP Media Group. VOX Arabia is managed by a team of dedicated voice specialists with huge collective experience in all aspects of the media industry. It is an independent entity linked to BKP Media Group thus providing state of the art recording facilities in any of the 7 studios within the BKP Media Group complex.