Voice Over Video of the Week | Dec 22 | Vox Arabia

By December 22, 2014fun

Voice Over Video of the Week

We feature a video that takes a behind the scenes look at all the voice overs for the famous Hannah Barbera cartoon series, Scooby Doo. Great voice actors on show in this video.

FAQ | Voice Over

What are the requirements to get on your database?

We need to hear your voice over demo in order to determine if you would benefit from being on Vox Arabia. If you are an existing professional Arabic voice over artist please contact us with examples of your work. If you think you might be a good voice over, please supply us a basic example of your voice for our evaluation and consideration to put you in our studios for some basic training and make a voice demo reel for you.

Can I have a meeting with you or how do I apply for representation?

Please contact Siti in the first instance and we will assess and follow up based on our judgment of your skills

Can I do voice overs part-time?

If you have a regular job from 8am to 6pm then this is a difficult industry for you. One important key to success is availability. Bookings are made with only a day or two’s notice (sometimes only an hour or two’s notice) so flexibility and availability are paramount.

I live outside United Arab Emirates – can I be on your books?

Yes you can. You are more than welcome to send through your demo by email or post through us including your contact details

Are there any fees involved in joining your agency?

There are no joining fees.

Where do I go to get a demo made?

Any recording studios can create a demo for you. If VOX Arabia likes your voice we will be able to organize this for you in our studios